Restoration of Listed Toilet Structures in Sydney Gardens

29 May 2024

BBA Architects worked with Ironart Bath to restore two Grade II Listed cast iron toilet structures behind the Holburne Museum in Sydney Gardens, the only remaining 18th Century Pleasure Gardens in the UK.

In 2018, BANES sought a charitable grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund to fund improvements to the park. This included the planned restoration of the Gents and Ladies cast iron toilet structures, which were both in poor condition and on the ‘Listed Buildings at Risk’ Register.

The first of the two toilet structures are noted in the UK Museum Records as being installed in Sydney Gardens in 1913/14.

Work started in August 2020 alongside Sally Strachey Historic Conservation. The Ladies block was dismantled and taken off site to the Ironart workshop for a full restoration. The Gents block was restored in situ under a protective canopy.

This project took nine months from start to finish. The restoration team was led by Ironart’s Andy Thearle, Martin Smith, and Gareth Cryer with the whole team involved in the various details of the project.

Visit the Ironart Website and Ironart’s Instagram for the full story.