Integration of Bath Central Library & Information Services, including the One Stop Shop.

This unique and exceptional project required BBA’s skills of collaboration, communication and visualisation with public and multi-user group engagement, to ensure the project’s design was a success.

The design principle was to create a combined Library and Information Service, within the existing Bath Central Library space at The Podium in Bath. The proposal was not to provide separate spaces or services, but to have an integrated service for all.

BBA started from RIBA Stage 0, the design was developed and formed around and from the responses of staff, partner and public engagement sessions. At each stage the previous feedback was analysed and the design formation, or subsequent changes demonstrated “you said, we did…” via infographics, concept images and sketch up visuals.

Collaboration was also required with a wide range of consultants, imperative throughout the design and tender information. This included Access Assessors, to ensure ambulant and disabled user needs were incorporated. Health and Safety was also a key element of the design, due to the complex nature of the site, being located within the city centre location, at first floor and located between two live sites; supermarket at ground level and Hotel bedrooms above.